Media and Communications Fundamentals Raises The Bar

In this ever changing world, it’s not uncommon to have some uncertainty as to where one’s future is headed. Statistically speaking, no one knows how many careers we will have in each of our individual lifetimes. To keep up with cutting edge competition, Conestoga College proudly presents their Media and Communications Fundamentals Program.

‘Every day I learn something new, each class is unique and interesting, the teachers and Director are supportive, approachable and make learning enjoyable’ says Amber Long of the MCF Program, 2010. She recounts of her experience, with a smile on her face, reminiscing about the camaraderie, hands on learning, superior field trips and how the program has opened her eyes to the direction in which way she wanted her career to go.

MCF boasts a colourful array of courses to incite students to reach their maximum potential, creatively and professionally. From Basic Design to Prepress/Print/Web and Multimedia, students learn to use foresight in this ever changing technological industry. Courses such as General History of Media and Writing for Media add an organic touch by reminding us from where we’ve come, as a human race, as well as teaching students how to communicate in our present times.

In less than a year, students obtain a certificate which they can immediately use to join the workforce or as a precursor to furthering ones education in a specialized program, such as Broadcast Television or Advertising.

More information about the MCF Program, as well as all other Conestoga College programs, can be found on the Conestoga College website, ‘If you’re debating on going to school or not, just do it. Stop hesitating. It’s been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.’ Long says. Maybe it’s time for you to make a change too.

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