Foresight Remix Update!

I know some of you have been waiting and yes, I’ve been procrastinating. See, this is the first time I’ve held a remix contest and the response has been really overwhelming. I appreciate the tracks that some of you have put up already, my ploy is working perfectly, you are all creating!

When the initial March 5th deadline hit, the tracks that were submitted were reviewed by judges and at this point in time, it’s been decided to keep the contest open for awhile longer for a few reasons.

1) As artists, we are often procrastinators and deadlines come and go before we realize it. Some people have emailed asking for a little while longer and, in contacting the current artists who’ve submitted, the consensus is to extend the deadline.
2) Perhaps some feedback may be requested about the tracks submitted and will be arranged if desired.

One of the judges, my partner Mason Bach, took some time to remix it himself, to try out the stems and see what he could come up with. I thought I’d share it with everyone since, although I’m biased, I think it’s incredible. It doesn’t count as a submission but it does count as a valuable tool.

The reason I like Mason’s work is because he not only thinks of sound waves as being on a vertical plane, he also sees them on a horizontal plane, working towards a really fat sound. He is a professional but we can all still try this at home.

Here are the instrumental stems again, for those of you who are still looking to take a stab at it:

And here are the vocals:

The tempo is at 100, I believe, but feel free to experiment. I don’t care what VST you put on my voice. I’d prefer not to be a part of a happy hardcore song, pitched up that high but if you insist and it gets you creating, then so be it.

Here are the submissions to date:

There’s even one there from Germany! 🙂

Feel free to leave comments and thoughts, all artists appreciate feedback.

I’ve learned through this that if you’re willing to let your music go, into the Universe, you have to be willing to accept what comes back. Like I said, my goal was to incite creation, invoke inspiration and get your minds working… Thank you for supporting this venture! A deadline is coming, I’m in talks with other passionate individuals who are interested in joining this quest for expanding knowledge too, mentors and peers, so until I come to a resolution there, this contest is left open until further notice.

Thanks again for being so awesome and happy mixing!

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