Smooth Sailing

During our field trip to Much Music, not only were all the sights and sounds thrilling but also, even those we spoke to, those that worked there, had some colourful advice for us too.

I’ve done music for quite a few years in this city and one thing I can assure you is that word travels fast. Everyone knows everyone in an artistic community and it’s in everyone’s best interest to mind their manners.

When I’d first started performing in KW, I will admit, the attention and whatnot was sometimes hard to filter. I got compliments I’d never expected and people knew my face when I left the house. Thankfully this was because of my music and art. But I made one mistake. I got cocky. I started thinking that perhaps I was worth more than I actually was.

Once upon a few times, I shot my mouth off in an unattractive manner. I let out some ignorance and truth be told, some of these verbal follies have followed me for almost a decade. The security guard at Much Music explained it well when she said that in working in this industry, you never know who knows who and it’s very important to show respect to each person we meet, just in case we need to call on them one day for help.

I can’t say I’m perfect, in fact, far from it. I still occasionally shoot my mouth off and I’m very strong willed when it comes to certain things. I can’t say I don’t have enemies, because if I didn’t, I’m likely doing something wrong. But also in saying this, I’ve tried really hard to stay polite, never knowing when I may have to work with a stranger. If your reputation is all you have, why would you want to tarnish it with trivial, shallow conversation, concerning things that don’t even involve you?

Again, I’m not saying I’m perfect. I don’t always handle things correctly, because, after all, I am still human. I find that taking time for myself and focusing on the work I have to do can dispel the negativity I may feel towards another. It’s counteracting the negative but converting it into a positive thing for my own career. Sometimes I wonder if I’m numb. Sometimes I wonder if I’m too ambiguous. Whatever it is I use to maneuver through this public life, well, I’m going to keep it up. It’s working.

It may be 2011, but the old saying, ‘If you haven’t got anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.’ still rings true. Especially so in the Media/Advertising/Artistic realm. Your name not only is attached to your work but also your soul, so remember, at all times, what you’re offering up to the Universe.

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