Foresight Remix Contest Press Release

Amber Long is up to her old tricks again, inciting community involvement and stirring the pot to bring out the flavors in electronic music.

Joining forces with DJ Ampz, Owner of 4play Trax¸DJ Jace, Co-Owner of Fine Grind Audio, and DJ/Producer, Mason Bach, Amber is proud to present her first remix contest.

The track to be remixed is Foresight, from the XXX album, released in October, 2010, making it’s way to #5 in the Top 10 Albums of 2010, Indie Seen, Echo Weekly Magazine. Amber owns all rights to this track and has decided to release the stems to the greater population, looking to inspire the next big dance floor bomb.

The One Rule:
Since The Suburban Diva prides herself on being an avid Electronic Music promoter, it only makes sense that the winning remix would come from the Electronic Realm. Accepted submissions will be in the genres of Electro, Techno, Tech House, Minimal, House, Deep House, and maybe even Breaks if they’re impressive. Think BIG!

Winning remix will be featured on next Amber Long Sampler album, expected release, Fall, 2011 and itunes. Also, winning entry will be showcased and promoted at the Winter Music Conference in Miami in March 2011, by one of the supporting labels, as well as having its own moment of glory, being played on a big system at the Purple Room, and that’s just the beginning!

Judging will be done by participating labels for a chance to be released on Beatport, as well as exposure to other labels in the market. A professional video will be made to showcase the winning entry for promotional purposes on YouTube.

How’s it going to work?
All the stems will be available on SoundCloud for download on Febuary 5th.

A group will be created for all entrants and submissions can be sent through the DropBox on SoundCloud until midnight March 5th, 2011. Entries will be posted on SoundCloud for easy sharing.

All submissions are to be titled, ‘Amber Long – Foresight – (The ‘Whatever You Want’ Remix)’

Entrants are encouraged to post their work and get their fans to comment. After all, this is about exposure and showcasing what you can do.

The Top 3 tracks chosen will be posted on Amber Long’s Facebook Music Page. Finalists are encouraged to direct their fans to vote for their track.

The final tally of *likes* will be counted by midnight on March 12th and the judges will have made their selection by this time as well.

If the listener’s choice is different from that of the judges, Amber will release both winning entries on her album and itunes. Impress the judges, who knows? Check out their links to see what they may be looking for to better tailor your submission.

The key is to keep creative juices flowing, accept evolution and change and be fearless in expression.

There are so many artists that are just looking for a project to ward off the winter blahs, this is your mission, should you choose to accept it.

Can’t wait to hear what happens!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Alagory says:

    I think I could cook something up!

  2. amberifica says:

    I’ll have the legit, cleaned up stems available on Saturday for everyone 🙂

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