Warm vs Cool Colours

Coming from a very analog place, raised on piano lessons and my father’s acoustic guitar, I feel that it’s important, now that I am immersed in the electronic realm, that I drop a concept. 1982 and 2011 are very different times. Society is wired differently, I believe.

Ok. So, here’s my point. You go to see a band or solo artist. The room is intimate, the artist is encouraged to interact with the audience. Analog is touching. It keeps us reminded we’re human. Organic sounds that we’ve learned to bend. Body language, also instinctual. Relating to others. Warm colours. Words to touch your soul.


But let’s get real. The number of geeks and nerds is multiplying. Computers are becoming more and more people’s passion. We are becoming a more introverted society, especially if our personalities are prone to enjoying solitude. You can get lost in the production of electronic music simply because, without using words, the sounds incite emotion. For those who aren’t all about human contact, here’s my theory on how techno heals.

Our bodies are so complex. When we’re dehydrated, our bodies know exactly where to put that glass of water and your cells plump back up, nicely. Our bodies are electric. Different tones are proven to make us feel different ways. The rhythm of drums affects our heart rate. Society has become more reserved.

You put a bunch of introverts, people who think too much, those who prefer not being touched by others, those that can’t sit down for the life of them, should they hear decibels, toss in those who like lights, vampires and pretty much anyone who meditates or enjoys out of body experiences. Anyone, pretty much. Put these in a room… Shut out words. Have a dance floor. Turn up the volume.

We talk about global good vibes. Well, these participants, they get what they need. Pseudo-isolation, and good vibes through osmosis. Everyone is typically in their own world, or at least in a very intimate bubble. (It’s not about drugs, people. Yeah, techno gets a bad wrap but seriously, not every hippy is a pothead either) Everyone is feeling good and emitting their own vibes into the room. Which means, not only are we ingesting tones to heal our body, we’re taking in good vibes, trans-spiritually, from the collective which otherwise may be at home in front of the computer.

I see a similarity between how I get lost watching my buddy play Blues on guitar and how I listen to the mathmatics of Khainz. Electronic music just seems like the cool colour palette. Music for the digimasses. An ever growing destination for our newer n newer generations, helping them connect in a disconnected world.

Wires vs wool. Warm vs cool. Society is diverse, everything has its place…

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