PWYWO, UrbanEx and Sketch – Idea Journal – December 2, 2010

Two years ago, society lost an incredible innovator and pioneer in the realm of all forms of media. Ted Rogers was a man, on top of his game, making business moves that built an empire, throughout Canada. One thing Ted did, though, is that he was a compassionate man who donated to charities on a regular basis, as well as treating his employees, top notch.

Ted Rogers always impressed me because, despite the national entity that he built, he always had time to give back to the community. I bring him up, simply for remembrance sake. There are many non-profit organizations, companies and individuals who give back on a perpetual basis. Many go without the recognition they deserve or have the reserve of finances, making ‘Soul Work’ that much more challenging.

One of these organizations is Pay Who You Want Online. They work in conjunction with two non-profit organizations, UrbanEx and Sketch. These support education, social justice as well as offering a safe, creative oasis for less fortunate street youth. My albums are all up on PWYWO. The way it works is that, if you purchase an artist’s music, you are able to allocate where you’d like your donations to go. PWYWO and the artist each get a portion but the music lover is the one to make the choice, as to which charity the funds go to, as well as what percentage.

My idea for this month, December 1-31, as everyone seems to be a generous spirit, is that should any of my tracks be downloaded, I am requesting that my portion also be donated 50/50, to UrbanEx and Sketch. Many artists, like myself, make music as a cathartic release, an expression of individuality or simply because it’s in them to give. Truth of the matter is, it’s not an affluent career for most and if they didn’t have the support they do and the love of music bred into them, they may not have the gumption to persevere. PWYWO not only gives back to the artists but they give back to the community. This, in turn, gives artists a good feeling, knowing that their art is helping others live better lives, creating a positive, communal chain reaction.

So, indeed, check out the site, listen to the talent already streaming and tell others who may be interested in getting their music available for sale online. Everyone wins. The staff is professional and courteous, quick to respond to all inquiries. There’s every genre of music available and it’s a welcome environment to indulge in sheer listening pleasure.

I’m privileged to be a part of this movement. All great things have come from a collective of smaller, great things, and this, this is a great thing.

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