Change Is Here

From about as far back as she can remember, Christen Zuch had always dreamt of being a singer. Gifted with the voice of an angel and a tenaciously passionate attitude, Christen has perpetually poured her heart and soul into her craft. Her latest release, Change is Coming, is a perfect example of hard work, perfect planning and magic.

Slotted for release mid-February, 2011, the 6 song EP promises one of the heartiest, most emotional albums of the year. Change is Coming features an ardent array of incredibly talented and tenured musicians, backed up by the ingenuity of Toronto-based Producer, Rob Szabo. The wistful, dreamy instrumentation is composed, in just the right way, to take listeners on a beautiful journey though soulful reflection. The winning recipe is bound together by Christen’s honest and heartfelt lyrics, the foundation of her very work. Echo Weekly has been quoted, describing her voice, saying she has the “vocal chops to wet even the driest eyes”. Her words are relatable and tug on even the most stubborn of heartstrings.

A veritable dream come true for Christen, Change is Coming uses various instruments to set it aside from other typical forms of folk music. This album is anything but typical. Straying from the norm, Szabo handpicked musicians to perform on the album, each with distinctly unique sounds. The magic is added with baritone guitar by Rob Szabo, cello by Alex McMaster and upright bass by Mark McIntyre. Trumpet and flugelhorn additions by Bryden Baird. Each song’s tempo is held down, solidly, by the impeccable talents of Dave Tolley, percussion being his contribution. The album is edited by Rob Szabo, mixed by Scott Cooper and mastered by Andy Krehm, an almost intimidating powerhouse team of experience and passion.

Teaming up with Pay Who You Want Online ( and the soulfully talented Michael Downing, Change is Coming is planned to grace us with its presence on February 12, 2011, in a double CD Release feature called, “Matters of the Heart”. Both Zuch and Downing will be releasing their own respective albums on this evening to be held, downtown Kitchener, at The Little Bean.
Their approach for this double-release extravaganza is nothing short of teasing the masses. Starting November 5th, 2010, each Christen and Mike will be releasing one of their new singles on the Pay Who You Want Online website. The week following, November 12th, they will be at The Little Bean, to perform in between the artists slotted for the night, to wet the whistles of anxiously awaiting fans and promote their new albums. Both, December and January, promise the release of another 2 singles, as well as the follow-up performances to tantalize eager ears.

Angelic is a word often connected with the music of Christen Zuch. Her innate musical gifts and knack for having foresight at just the right time has enabled her to create an album that is healing, thought provoking and relatable to every ear. Her message is a solid one and brings light to reality. Change is Coming is an album the entire community can appreciate and grow from and the Waterloo Region is blessed to have such an outstanding artist walking it’s streets. Take the time to research Zuch’s work and listen to some of her tracks at any hour. Guaranteed to fill you to the brim with feel-good emotions, Zuch waits patiently for February 12, 2011. “Im speechless and super excited about this!” she says.

Rest assured, Christen, everyone is.

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