Idea Journal – Nov 4, 2010

I was at a loss as to what to write about until 30 minutes before my bus came.

I had a brilliant idea though this morning. Maybe it’s true we’re sharper in the morning.

My idea revolves around alarm clocks. You know when you wake up every morning to the same, typically shrill sound? It’s about as intrusive as the birthing process. The sounds that come out of alarm clocks are high pitched and made to startle you when you’re even in the deepest of sleeps. I got to thinking that this must have an effect on us as humans, if this ritualistic sound is heralding our days. It can’t be good to wake up with a negative emotion every morning. Because of a horrid sound.

Yes, the radio works but many sleep through it. Some alarm clocks play people’s MP3s or cds. See, I like this idea the most and think I may invest in a clock that causes less trauma to my psyche. The best thing would just to have something non-intrusive wake us up each morning. In a good way. Obviously, a handsome butler bringing me a cup of hot cocoa each morning, in bed, is optimal, but perhaps have your blankets vibrate. Like stirring you gently awake. It’d be weird but one would get used to it. Or a timed heating blanket that warms you up to the point where you have to get out of bed. I suppose cooking yourself isn’t any less traumatic. Kids, kids are a great alarm clock when they stir you with cute voices, not by jumping on you or screaming beside your pillow. Internal clocks are great but unreliable. Very.

One of my girlfriends does tonal therapy, where she takes ‘inventory’ of your ailments and feeds you aural tones, some you can hear, some you can’t, in order to help heal you. Perhaps there is a tone that rustles the sleepy human soul. A subconscious, calm way of waking up, somewhat like having an on off button for sleep. This, I think, deserves some inquiries on my part. (Rosa Loess, her link:!/pages/Guelph-ON/Rosa-Bialski-BSc-BARA/112909058730792)

Mornings are either loved or hated. Personally, they’re like an ex boyfriend, I’d rather not see them. Sadly, they are a part of life and I’d hate to think what would happen without them, I’d never sleep! There just has to be more positive ways of approaching them versus the loud, obnoxious sound of a digital entity screaming as us to rise.

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