Design Journal – Nov 1, 2010

I’m going to take a mad stab at this one as design/structure is subjective to subject matter. It’s possible I have to write about structure or foundations of buildings or products but if you hear me out, maybe we can make this relative.

All religious connotations aside, I want to talk about the design of the human body and spirit. However it all came about, it’s amazing to be human. This past week, I’ve felt my heart race out of excitement, I was amidst the most incredible light show and my eyes drank it all in, I danced, and smiled. On the other hand, the stresses of every day life have parts of me in knots and sometimes my mind just doesn’t have a pause button.

Regardless, I think it’s the same for everyone living in this world. My point is, we are designed to be driven, we are designed to have the desire to rise above and love life. I know it’s all chemistry and choices. I know it’s eating properly, exercise and sleeping well. But even in that, the design of our body is to live. A magnificent machine. A factory with so many workers. I’m amazed every time I feel a powerful emotion or when my muscles remind me I’m no longer 21.

I suppose humans could be made to be like Wolverine and indestructible but then that would take the element of fragility out of being mortal. Would we appreciate our lives as much if we had more to gamble with? We’re already being fed more and more information every day with technological advances, our minds aren’t near topped up it seems. What fun would it be if we were programmed to know everything?

Anyway, I’ve been amazement of life and how it’s such a roller coaster. We keep getting back in line for the next round of butterflies. And least I hope so. There’s no crying at an amusement park.

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