The Positive Duality of a-Muse(ment)

I’m curious to know what inspires people.

The creative triggers must be different for each individual.

I suppose this blog is my way of exploring my own triggers.

Does the best art come from a dark place or a place of light? I suppose that’s subjective. I know during trials we tend to tap into the darker corners of our souls. Powerful undercurrents of emotion surface. Art is a valuable vehicle for holistic healing and wholly turning inwards to the only place that’s honest, the bare canvas. The naked truth. I use it as such, I won’t deny it’s one of my crutches.

Fabulous artistic expression also comes from the joyous parts in life. These are my favorite times of the creative process. It’s like the dark times are only documented to remind us where we’ve come from, since in reality, life is full of love, loss and candy floss. But the joyous times, or the times when you cannot contain your inspiration, what are these triggers? I love them!

One of my opinions about RnB tracks (specifically) sung by male vocalists, the ones about love, yeah, I truly believe those songs were conceived after a really great night with a really hot woman. Girlfriend or not, do men really talk like this unless they are completely blown away? (No pun intended, I’m trying to keep this PG) Maybe. I’m just saying there must be great inspiration to drive a man, anyone for that matter, artist or not, to expose his/her soul, vocally, for the world to bear witness to.

I’m so guilty of the very thing I point out. Maybe that’s how I noticed, through my own slight annoyance with myself for falling into muse-ism. But there is a positive spin though, to having a muse, and it seems to be a win/win situation. Not only is there the elation because something actually excites us enough to create but, also, that we DO create and find productivity through this excitement.

My senses have been tantalized lately and I find myself exploding creatively through all my avenues of expression. Perhaps this comes too with all the positive changes in my life but as well, something inside me is compelled to use the colours on canvas these days, I’m writing secret notes I’ll never publish, songs are floating around in my head and everyday life is turning into a storyboard where the final product video is MTV worthy.

Everything runs in cycles. There will be rain again, just as much as there is sun. All I know is that I’m trying whole heartedly to capture these snippets of inspiration by throwing them into something productive. Yes, I have a muse. In fact, it’s fair to say I have a few. The only way to truly pay homage to these magnificent items of interest is by being prolific and putting out the positivity they bring me, into the Universe.

I wonder how the blogs would read if everyone started doing that…?


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