Design Journal – Oct 25, 2010

Less is more and white space is powerful. In this day and age, we are bombarded with distractions. Our time is limited and beating around the bush is not an option. People need to have their attention caught immediately or it’s lost. I decided to critique my own album cover. The reason why I can be subjective is because the final edit was done by a partner in crime. I went through a tumultuous time trying to get the font balanced. I just couldn’t get the impact of innocence and power right.  The balance was off in everything I did. So, I asked for a subjective eye. The fix seemed quite simple in the end as just a slight movement of the image and a bolder, more organized, simple font created, what I feel, is the perfect edge. The cover is straight to the point, it’s got a suggestive sexiness without going overboard and the colours make it pop and stand out, eye candy, so to speak. it just goes to show that subtle changes are effective and can really make the difference between ordinary and extraordinary.

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